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Recent client survey results – 92% would recommend Atrium Homes

Here at Atrium Homes, we believe it’s important to engage with our clients. Not just during the building process, but afterwards as well. That’s why we conduct follow-up surveys to help gauge the success of our processes, our people and our product.

In response to our most recent client feedback, Rod Dawes (Sales Manager of Atrium Homes) said, “We are extremely proud of the results…for anyone considering building a new home, we believe these figures will give real confidence in their choice of Atrium Homes.”

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Video Transcript below:

Atrium Homes – a great Western Australian home builder, building great homes for Western Australians. Their hallmark is – and has always been – quality. Just have a look at this!

For more than 50 years, three generations of the Marcolina family have been continuing a tradition began by Bill Marcolina Senior – a tradition of creating luxury homes of style and distinction.

Atrium Homes has this purpose-built office facility here in Canning Vale, which manages all aspects of their projects, from design studio and drafting, right through to construction and that all-important after-sales back up service. Let’s go and meet the team…

Atrium Homes is particularly proud of the development of its Design Studio, a personal service that gives you real choice in how you live. They specialise in individual designs that perfectly suit your family, your lifestyle, and your desire for quality.

Atrium Homes appreciates that every family is different, with a whole range of diverse needs and lifestyles. The professional designers in our Design Studio can work closely with you to create a home that perfectly suits both you and your block, no matter how small, narrow or unusually shaped.

Well, we’ve found our way to the Selection Room and I’ve met Rod Dawes, the Sales Manager of Atrium Homes. Rod, what goes on in here?

“Alan, this is the Selection Room – this room is designed to help people pick the particular materials and finishes that they want in their home. Rather than have the client drive all over the metropolitan area looking for things in different locations, we’ve got all these things here, to make life a bit easier for them. And if it makes life easier for the client, that’s good!”

So now you’ve got your plans, the next step is to turn those dreams, into a reality.

Atrium Homes is one of the leaders in the construction of quality homes in WA. Whichever style of home you choose, you can rely on Atrium’s reputation of excellence, from site preparation and maintenance, to highly skilled tradesmen, workmanship, superior materials and the finest finishes, with meticulous attention to detail.

Here on site, you can really appreciate the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s an integral part of every Atrium home. It’s reassuring to know, that right from the start, you’re getting the very best. And throughout the construction process, you’ll be kept informed and updated at all times on the progress of your home. It’s all part of the Marcolina family’s strong commitment to providing personal service as well as value for money.

Over the years, Atrium Homes has won many major MBA and HIA awards for excellence, but their real reward is in the many satisfied families who own an Atrium home.

Imagine living in a beautiful environment such as this, in your own Atrium home. Suburbs like this are made for Atrium Homes, and they are the building company of choice for anyone who appreciates true style and quality.

Well, as we’ve seen, Atrium designs and builds many fabulous executive homes, and we’re going to take a look at just a few of them, right now.

Well Bill you’ve got magnificent home here – thanks for inviting us in. Tell me a little bit about the Atrium experience, how did it go for you?

“The Atrium experience was great for us, and we feel at the end of the day we chose the best builder possible to build this home, any problems were sorted out and good after-sales service.”

Well you’ve been here for a couple of years now, could you be any happier?

“We couldn’t have picked a better home, or a better place, or a better builder.”

Atrium Homes is a West Australian family company which has, for the last three generations, been dedicated to building quality homes for West Australians. So if you’re thinking about building a luxury home, talk to Atrium, and the Marcolina family here will be delighted to help you create your dream home.

Thanks for taking the time to watch our video. We hope it’s given you some idea of just how much care and attention the Marcolina family put in to building your home.

Well, we may as well finish the way we started – behind me, another prestige Atrium home.


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“Dealing with Atrium while watching our new home being built was a wonderful experience. Nothing was too much trouble. We have since recommended you to some friends, and I believe they are building with you now.”

- Bryan and Anne-Marie, Lathlain