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Pokemon at home at Atrium Homes!

Foot traffic outside Atrium Homes’ office building in Willcock Street Ardross took a dramatic spike recently – we couldn’t quite work out why crowds were gathering, until it was brought to our attention by a young member of the Marcolina family who told us that a fire hydrant outside our front door is a Pokestop!

For those uninitiated amongst us, a Pokestop is part of Pokemon Go, the smartphone craze that has caused worldwide pandemonium with millions of users signed up. It urges players to walk around and “catch” virtual animated characters that appear at locations throughout the city – Pokestops. We probably should be flattered that such an honour has been bestowed upon us! When you next visit Atrium, just be aware of people wandering past our office with their head buried in their phones…

August 3, 2016

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